Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover

Hey friends! Procrastinators unite! I honestly can't believe Christmas is just a few days away! When I was a kid, it took Christmas 4,527 days to get here, and now its gone in the blink of an eye! If you still have some shopping to do, I've put together a gift guide for the decor lover! Use this guide to buy for your decor loving friends and family, or just give the list to your hubs so he can buy it all for you! I've linked all the products at the end of this post for your shopping convenience! 

What I LOVE about this guide is that most of these gift ideas are available from Amazon, and with Prime, you get free 2-day shipping! At the time of this posting, all Amazon gifts are in stock and available for Prime and will be shipped in time for Christmas! (But, check just to make sure!) You absolutely can't beat that! For this gift guide, I'm sharing things I have and love or things that are on my own personal wish list! One of my goals for the coming year is to add more farmhouse charm to my home, and these are all simple ways to accomplish that goal. I hope you enjoy this Last Minute Gift Guide for the Decor Lover. Let's get started!

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Last Minute Gift Guide for the Decor Lover

Metal Frame Chalkboard on Stand

Metal Frame Chalkboard on Stand

Chalkboards are a super easy way to add farmhouse flair to any space. If you've ever caught an episode of Fixer Upper, I'm sure you've seen this chalkboard. How cute is this to keep in the kitchen for notes and well wishes for your family? When I toured a few Fixer Upper houses in Waco last year and the year before, this little beauty was everywhere. I love it by the sink in the kitchen or to display a menu on a buffet table. How cute would it be this winter as part of a hot cocoa bar? Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book

Farmhouse Charm.jpg

I ordered this book last year and I anxiously awaited its arrival! I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram, and I rarely read print magazines anymore. But, how lovely is it to sit with a book, curled up in a cozy corner, and turn page after page of farmhouse perfection? I really miss the feeling of sitting with a real live book and/or magazine. It brings such a sense of calm and relaxation. This book does NOT disappoint, and it is chocked full of the most darling farmhouse DIYs and decor ideas. The author, Liz Fourez, blogs at Love Grows Wild and her blog and Instagram feed are gorgeous. She is, and has long been, one of my all time favorites for farmhouse inspiration. Any farmhouse lover will adore this book!

Murchison Hume Hand Soap

Last Minute Gift Guide: Decor Lover

You guys, I have this soap in my kitchen, and I absolutely love it. I have seen this soap pop up on counters all over Pinterest, and always thought it looked so pretty next to any sink. It's a little more expensive than I usually like to spend, but I finally splurged sometime earlier this year, and ordered the soap and all the cleaning products. Y'all. I WISH I could describe the smell of this Original Fig scent to you. I was hesitant to buy this at first, because I was all "what in the world does fig smell like, anyway?" In a word, it's heaven. It is the lightest, cleanest, most perfectly perfect smell you'll ever experience. I go through the countertop cleaner like crazy, because I use it all the time and spray tons of it, just to experience the smell. One of my favorite things is coming home to a clean house, with this smell radiating throughout. II seriously wish they made it in candle form. I have the soap and lotion by my kitchen sink, and I swear, I'll never love another soap as much as this one. Do yourself a favor, splurge on it, and just see. This really would make such a lovely gift, coupled with the lotion, or the cleaning products for any home decor lover.  

White Enamel Bread Box

Last minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Eek! Cuteness overload! I have had my eye on this little beauty for some time now, and y'all this is just the perfect piece to add farmhouse charm to any kitchen. Can you see it on a counter, next to cutting boards, a cute green plant, or an old-timey kitchen scale? And, you really can store your bread (or other items!) in it, too! Win-win! This one is on my list for this year! Santa, are you listening? 

Rustic Wood Lantern

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Lanterns are one of my favorite pieces to decorate with! You can add candles to them to give any space a nice warm glow, fill them with pumpkins in the fall, or ornaments at Christmas time. They look great on the hearth, the fireplace, in tablescapes, and on the front porch. I really love the simple shape of this one, and the distressed wood is a perfect way to add a farmhouse touch to any space. 

Boxwood Wreath

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Does anything say "farmhouse" more than a boxwood wreath? I love the one I have hanging from the coat closet in my living room. I used a simple burlap ribbon to hang it from the door, and I always get questions about it! Preserved boxwood wreaths are the best because they last season after season. They look especially cute hanging from windows at Christmas time! I leave mine up all year round for simple farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Style Scale

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Ok, maybe nothing says "farmhouse" more than a farmhouse style scale--this one in particular! If you've seen any episode of Fixer Upper, you've seen this darling iron scale. I have this scale, and I love it! You can most often find it in my living room, behind the couch. It's a little on the pricey side, but definitely worth the splurge. It gives any space instant farmhouse character. I love adding small wreaths to the scales, and decorating them to fit the seasons. Little birds nests with eggs at Easter time, small wrapped gifts or ornaments at Christmas, pumpkins in the fall, candles any time. It's so versatile, and I promise you any farmhouse lover will adore it. 

Rustic Wooden Trays

How gorgeous is this set of two, rustic wooden trays? I love the color and veining on the wood, and the metal handles, combined with the rustic wood just screams farmhouse. These look adorable anywhere! I can picture them on a coffee table or even on the end of a bed, holding some coffee or cocoa. 

Blue & White Striped Tea Towel

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

I don't know about you, but I kind of have a slight obsession with dish towels. I really never can have enough. Every time I'm in Home Goods, I invariably find myself on the kitchen towel aisle, looking for little goodies just like this. This tea towel is everything I adore about farmhouse style: simplicity and beauty. It would look gorgeous flung over a farmhouse sink or hanging from the dishwasher. The blue and white stripes remind me of traditional farmhouse grainsack. Instant, easy, farmhouse charm. 

Topiaries with Cement-Look Planter

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Ok, these are 100% on my Christmas list this year, and I may have peeked at the hubs' Amazon orders, and figured out these babies are headed straight to me! If you've seen my living room, you know I used to have two boxwood topiaries in cement urns on the console table behind the couch. You may have seen them in this pic, below, floating around Pinterest. (You can also see my boxwood wreath and iron scale there too!).

Farmhouse Living Room 

But sometime this fall, we had The Great Topiary Debacle of 2017. I came home from work one day, and one of the topiaries was missing. Just gone. And no one knew what happened to it. Mmmmm. Hmmmm. I searched the house high and low and not a trace of the topiary could be found. I interrogated my 6-year-old son and my 18-year-old stepson like it was the Spanish Inquisition, and yet, no one had any idea what could have possibly happened to the topiary. I mean, I would have instantly buckled under the pressure of my questioning fury, but not these two. To this day, neither one of them has 'fessed up, but I know one of them is the culprit!! Anywho, I found these topiaries at Ross one day, and have been looking high and low for something I liked just as much, when I came across these cuties on Amazon. So, I'm happy to say, this Christmas, we can all put The Great Topiary Debacle of 2017 behind us, and move on with our lives! :)

Tiered Tray

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Tiered trays are another super easy and fun way to add instant farmhouse style to any space. These trays look great on a kitchen island (picture it with extra cups and saucers and coffee and cocoa fixin's) or even in the bathroom with extra soaps, candles, and washcloths. This would also look great on console table in a dining room, too! 

Metal Side Table

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

I really love this metal side table. I have one kinda similar in my living room, next to my Ikea Farlov Chair, you can see below. Mine has a wood top, and I always get so many questions about it. Sadly, it's discontinued, but this little metal table would be my next choice for this space (or any space you want to add a farmhouse feel to). It's pretty affordable too, as far as side tables go, and I think it just screams farmhouse!

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Pom Pom Throw

Last Minute Gift Guide: The Decor Lover 

Last, but certainly not least! I mean, you guys. I don't think I need to say anything about this one at all! All you have to do is catch one glimpse of this gorgeous blanket, and it speaks for itself! I am also pretty guilty of hoarding blankets. We have a huge basket full of them in the living room, and like dish towels (and pillows!), I really can never have enough! I am absolutely loving the whimsical pom-pom details on blankets I've seen popping up this fall! The texture and cable knit of this one is just gorgeous, and it would make such a lovely gift for any decor lover this Christmas!

And there you have it friends! I hope I've helped you take care of some last minute shopping and given you some inspiration for some lovely gifts for those obsessed with decor on your list!

Happy Shopping!

XOXO, Jules