Kitchen Makeover Reveal - Phase 1

I'm so excited to share this Kitchen Makeover Reveal with you guys!

Oak Kitchen makeover reveal by Julie Warnock interiors

This kitchen makeover was pretty much not planned at all. But, as sometimes happens in home improvement projects, one thing snowballed into another until I found myself smack dab in the middle of a completely unplanned mini kitchen makeover.

It all started with one little project I wanted to tackle. Just one.

But, it was the granddaddy of all home décor projects.

Yep. Painting the kitchen cabinets white.

What is it about white kitchens? They are classic and timeless--not to mention beautiful--and they give your home such a custom, design-y feel. A white kitchen has ALWAYS been on my dream-home wish-list. And you can bet that if I were building a home from the ground up, a white kitchen would be on my list of absolute must-haves. But, when we decided to buy our first home two years ago, building wasn't an option. So, house hunting we went. And would you believe not a single home we looked at had a white kitchen? Ugly orange-y oak, though? You betcha. 

Here are some listing photos from when we first bought the house: 

This kitchen received a complete overhaul. Wait until you see what it looks like now!!
A new backsplash, painted cabinets, a custom vent hood and new hardware gave this kitchen a major facelift! By Julie Warnock interiors.

The kitchen definitely had some good features: the subway tile backsplash, undermount sink, under cabinet lighting, and new granite counters. (And trust me, these professional listing photos make this space look WAY better than it actually did in real life.)

But, man oh man, those orange-y oak cabinets.

I loved that they were real wood and shaker style, and knew they would look great painted--if and when we ever got around to it. We lived in the house for a little over a year when I finally decided to take the plunge and paint them white pay someone to paint them white for me. And, then as it often happens with home décor projects, one thing snowballed into another.

Kitchen Makeover: Phase 1 Updates

Overall, here's what we tackled in Phase 1 of our little kitchen makeover:

Painted the Walls, Cabinets, and Island

First things first, we painted the walls in one of my favorite go-to colors: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. Covering up all those yellow walls made the space feel bigger, more open, and definitely more peaceful.

We tested out several colors before deciding on Sherwin Williams' Alabaster for the kitchen cabinets. (Before the painters came, we had a local builder create a custom vent hood, You can read more about that below). I knew I wanted a pretty, white cabinet, and my family pretty much thought I was losing my mind when I brought home sample after sample of what seemed like the exact same white color to them. White is hard, y'all.

Sherwin Williams alabaster cabinets in this kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors

Further complicating matters, we soon figured out the subway tile backsplash wasn't exactly white. It was more of a creamy, off-white. Next to true white cabinets and true white subway tile, my backsplash looked yellow and dated. You can see what I mean in the picture below. 

white subway tile backsplash in this kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors

So, I was faced with the choice of not going as white on the cabinets as I wanted to, to avoid making the backsplash look dingy, or replacing the backsplash. In the end, I decided to replace the backsplash with a true white subway tile. It was just easier than settling on a paint color for the cabinets that I didn't truly love. 

With all the white in the kitchen, I knew I wanted to paint the island in a contrasting color to give the kitchen some warmth and dimension and help break up all the white. We decided on Thundercloud Gray by Benjamin Moore for the island. And, later, we updated the island counter to achieve a marble look with an amazing peel and stick product. 

Built a Custom Vent Hood  

This was probably my favorite part of this mini kitchen makeover. We had a local builder come in a build this custom venthood. I just cruised Pinterest until I found one I liked, showed him the picture, and he made it happen! Removing the builder-grade vent hood and replacing it with a custom-built option is one of my favorite ways of making a kitchen look high-end.  

Custom Vent Hood Before
Custom Vent Hood During
Custom Vent Hood
custom vent hood in Julie Warnock interiors kitchen makeover

Replaced the Backsplash

Because the old backsplash was yellow-y when compared to the new cabinet color (and I didn't like that border you can see above), I decided to replace the backsplash with a true white subway tile. We selected grout in a light gray color, which really helped add some contrast and dimension to the sea of white. 

White Subway Tile Backsplash
White Subway Tile Backsplash Progress
White Subway Tile Backsplash
White and black kitchen canisters and a white subway tile backsplashgive this kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors a classic farmhouse feel. 

I also laid the tile in a herringbone pattern behind the cooktop to add some more visual interest.

white subway tile herringbone backsplash in this farmhouse style kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors. 

Replaced Cabinet Hardware

Replacing the cabinet hardware was a super easy and affordable way to give the kitchen an updated feel. I didn't want to go through the hassle of having to fill the holes leftover from the prior hardware, so I just found new hardware that matched the existing holes. I went with a super affordable bar pull in a brushed nickel finish. Changing them out was just a matter of unscrewing the old pulls and adding the new. Super easy. 

Brushed nickel bar pulls give the cabinets an easy and instant upgrade in this farmhouse style kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors. 

And some more after pics:

This stunning farmhouse kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors features white cabinets, subway tile backsplash, marble counters on the island, and a custom venthood. 
Kitchen Makeover by Julie Warnock interiors features white painted cabinets, subway tile backsplash and custom venthood. 
farmhouse style kitchen with painted kitchen island in Benjamin moore thundercloud gray.
farmhouse style kitchen makeover with Benjamin moore thundercloud gray island, white cabinets, white subway tile backsplash and custom vent hood by Julie Warnock interiors. 
Faux marble kitchen island In this farmhouse style kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors. 
Farmhouse style kitchen makeover by Julie Warnock interiors features Sherwin Williams alabaster cabinets, white subway tile backsplash, and a custom vent hood. 
Benjamin Moore's Thundercloud gray, brushed nickel bar pulls, and a faux marble countertop update this kitchen island by Julie Warnock interiors. 
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover by Julie Warnock interiors

Kitchen Makeover: PHASE 2 Plan

And there you have it, friends, our mini kitchen makeover. As always, there is still so much more that I want to do before this space feels complete. Our plan for Phase 2 (which, let's be honest, may actually never happen!) includes:

  • Replacing the tile floor with hardwoods. The space definitely needs the warmth and contrast that wood flooring will provide. We've had one quote that, frankly, scared me a little bit. Why are floors so expensive?!!?
  • Updating the appliances. Again, breaking up that wall of white appliances for stainless steel will help add some dimension to this all-white space. 
  • A fun DIY update to the custom vent hood- stay tuned! 
  • New window treatment for the kitchen window--I'm thinking woven blinds or a roman shade. I've already ordered samples, and I can't wait to pull the trigger on this one!
  • Replacing the countertops. The existing granite is beautiful, but it's just too warm for my taste and this room. I've never been a fan of yellow-y tones. So, I'd love to replace the counters with a marble-y looking material without the high maintenance of marble. This will probably be the last on the list due to cost. You can check out how I did a DIY faux marble counter top on the kitchen island for around $50 in THIS POST. 
  • New chairs for the breakfast nook. [UPDATE: Check out THIS POST to see the new farmhouse style dining room chairs we added to the breakfast nook!]

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out this little kitchen makeover. If you have updated your kitchen or are in the process of a kitchen makeover, I'd love to hear all about it! Just comment below or shoot me an email!